TAKE THE PLEDGE!  Pledge to do one or more of the following:

  1.   Sign the Petition/Open Letter
  2.   Make a financial commitment (donate now with credit card)
  3.   Join a committee (Direct Action, Fundraising, Media/Publicity, Regulation & Permitting, Litigation)
  4.   Display a Yard Sign and Bumper Sticker/Magnet
  5.   Get 20 friends to sign the Petition/Open Letter
  6.   LIKE us on Facebook

Sign the Petition/Open Letter online or download the PDF version below.  Mail signed Letters and Pledge Forms to SAHR, PO Box 540331, Houston, TX 77254. Or, simply send us a message with your pledge commitment.

Petition/Open Letter to the Ashby High Rise Developers (PDF)

Pledge Form (PDF)


  • Direct Action – Public demonstrations of opposition on many fronts, including media events.  Enthusiasm is the only qualification. We also need people who will just show up!
  • Media & Publicity – Help get our message out to the world.  Includes sign and bumper sticker campaign.
  • Fundraising –  Seeking motivated, financially-inclined, soldiers of fortune for fundraising and neighborhood event planning.
  • Regulation & Permitting – Seeking volunteers with engineering, construction or architecture background to ensure compliance with local and federal laws before and during construction.  
  • Litigation – Filing lawsuits to challenge different aspects of the project and its construction.