The vote on the ordinance being considered by City Council has been delayed for 90 days. The Houston Chronicle reported early this afternoon:

The good news is that opponents of the Ashby High Rise turned out in force for the council meeting, and by doing so made a clear statement that we are not wavering in our opposition or energy.

According to the Chronicle, the developers have promised in writing not to apply for any new permits during the 90 day period – let’s all check the city web sites to make sure that this promise is kept.

The Task Force and the Boards of BOCA and Southampton have always considered the proposed ordinance to be but one tool to stop the Ashby High Rise project completely.

We fully intend to continue the opposition to this project even if the ordinance never passes. However, we believe that the ordinance is a significant tool to address our concerns about this project. Over the course of the next 90 days we will continue to express our concerns to our elected leaders. Stay tuned!