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As reported earlier, Matthew Morgan and Kevin Kirton, the Buckhead developers, initiated a series of meetings with small groups of neighbors who live immediately adjacent to Maryland Manor. The meeting notices were addressed to the male
members of the households and were received on the first day of spring break. The meetings were held at the downtown offices of Vollmer, the developers’ public relations firm.

Presumably, the purpose of the meetings was to provide feedback on alternative development options. The fact that these meetings occurred at the same time that the Buckhead developers announced renewal of their permit applications for the original 23-story project appeared contrary to their stated purpose of receiving feedback on alternatives. This contradiction further
called into question the sincerity of the Buckhead developers to reach a compromise. Many of those attending these meetings came away with the sense that the meetings were scheduled only as a formality to claim some dialogue with the community had occurred.

Our neighborhood was well-represented at each of the three meetings. Kevin Kirton and Matthew Morgan attended all the meetings, as did Allen Caudle from Vollmer. Neighbors provided us with written descriptions of each meeting, which we have summarized below.

Our neighbors reported that Kirton and Morgan were:

  • Poorly prepared
  • Generally imprecise and often non-responsive in their answers
  • Convinced that the neighborhood will eventually ‘come around…to love their project’
  • Determined to build the original 23-story high-rise

Read the full text of the update (PDF)