Since our last communication, plans for the 23-story 1717 Bissonnet project were resubmitted to the city for the fifth time and for the fifth time permitting approval was not granted. Despite the apparent enthusiasm of the developers in obtaining “partial approval,” this project cannot be permitted until ALL criteria are met.

The plans were rejected pursuant to existing City of Houston policies that regulate vehicle and delivery access to the proposed project. The City has urged the developers to redesign their project to reduce the vehicle impact on Bissonnet and Ashby streets.

At this point, the City appears resolute in enforcing the traffic and curb cut ordinances that are currently available.  Without approval of the traffic and driveway issues, final permitting is not possible.

We encourage you to view the timeline and the City’s comments on each of the five permit applications which are available online at  The project number for the 1717 Bissonnet project is 7042588.

Another factor of interest is the apparent failure of several local high rise projects to meet their pre-sales quotas. Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal reiterate the tenuous nature of the apartment and condo markets.

One final note, the theft of our StopAshbyHighRise yard signs and banners continues. Please be vigilant and report any incidents that you may witness to the Southampton/BOCA Patrol Service at 713-825-5555 and to the BOCA Office at 713-528-BOCA (2622).  Let’s keep our strong opposition to this project in the public’s view.

If your yard sign is missing or broken, please request a replacement by emailing