On February 13, 2009, the City of Houston rejected–for the eighth time–Buckhead Investment Partners’ application for an Ashby High Rise site development permit.  The City’s comments to the application posted on the Department of Public Works’ website indicate that the City’s rejection appears to arise from concerns about the most recent traffic study submitted by the developers and also from inconsistencies between various plan sets they have submitted.  Notably, it appears that the most recent version of their plan calls for all but emergency traffic to enter and exit the project from Bissonnet.  If you would like to see the City’s comments to the developers’ most recent submittal, go to http://www.pdinet.pd.houstontx.gov/cohilms/webs/Plan_LookUp.asp and enter the Ashby High Rise project # 07042588, then select “Display Plan Check Comment Information.”

Our intelligence indicates that the developers have recently expanded their roster of service providers to include an Austin-based law firm that specializes in eminent domain law.  It remains to be seen whether litigation looms on the horizon, but it seems clear that Buckhead’s current permitting strategy isn’t making much headway at the City’s Department of Public Works.  Regardless of what the future holds, we remain committed to our opposition until the developers abandon their plans or propose an alternative project that is acceptable to our community.

Our intelligence also indicates that the developers have claimed that opposition to their project is waning.  We encourage you to continue to proudly display your Stop Ashby High Rise yard signs and bumper stickers/magnets to make it clear that nothing could be further from the truth.  These signs and bumper stickers remain one of the most effective tools we have to keep this issue in front of our friends, neighbors, elected representatives and the media.   If your yard signs or bumper stickers/magnets have gone missing or are beginning to show their age, please replace them.  Bumper magnets are available at Picnic, as are limited quantities of replacement yard signs.  Or, email us and one of our volunteers will deliver a sign to your home.  And if you see anyone stealing or defacing these signs, please contact the Southampton/BOCA Patrol immediately.

We also encourage you to communicate to your elected City of Houston representatives that you remain strongly opposed to such an ill-conceived project in our neighborhood.  A complete list of the Mayor’s and council members’ email and mailing addresses can be found here.

The Stop Ashby High Rise Task Force thanks you for all of your contributions and support to keep this unwelcome project out of our neighborhood.