Dear Neighbors and Opponents of the Ashby High Rise:

Your visible display of opposition to the Ashby High-Rise has been effective to date, but recently dozens of Stop Ashby High Rise signs, both large and small, have disappeared from the neighborhood. Over the past 2 weeks nearly every one of our large signs has been cut down in the middle of the night. On one block in Southampton, a man was seen removing yellow signs but leaving the stakes behind. When he realized he was being observed, he quickly fled in a white pickup truck.

It is vitally important that we continue to voice our displeasure with the proposed 23-story high rise. The volume of yard signs throughout the neighborhood is the best demonstration of neighborhood opposition to this outrageous project. We need you to help us revitalize and keep the sign campaign strong. Here’s what you can do now:

1. Proudly display Stop Ashby yard signs and bumper magnets. To request a sign, simply reply to this message. Bumper magnets are available at Picnic.

2. Watch out for sign thefts. To help us determine who is responsible for the disappearance of so many signs, we ask that all of you be the eyes and ears of our community and call the Patrol at 713-825-5555 or the BOCA office at 713-528-BOCA (2622) if you see anyone removing Stop Ashby signs.

3. Replace missing yard signs promptly. If your yard sign has disappeared recently, please let us know and we’ll send a volunteer to replace it. Also, let us know if you need only a new metal stake — they do wear out from being moved frequently for mowing.

4. Place signs on private property only. It is illegal to place signs in the public right-of-way. To help prevent removal of signs by the City of Houston Sign Administration, place signs in your yard only, and NOT between the sidewalk and curb.

5. Make sure that your sign stays straight and level and in the correct location. Keep signs looking good by ensuring that they are displayed in a neat and orderly fashion. Signs look best and have the most drive-by impact when they are placed in line with neighboring signs, about 7 feet in from the sidewalk. If your yard is sloped, adjust the stakes accordingly. Straight signs are the most effective.

6. Ask friends in West U and Southside Place to display a yard sign. You can request a sign and deliver it yourself, or send us the name and address and our volunteers will deliver it for you.

7. Volunteer to serve as a Sign Captain for your block. Duties include checking your block each week and adjusting any signs that are tilted or out of place. Captains also notify the Sign Coordinator about broken and missing signs. Captains are needed on most blocks.