NEWS FLASH: Today’s Regulation & Development Committee meeting has been canceled!

Dear Neighbors and opponents to the Ashby High Rise:

According to Andy Icken, Deputy Director of the Planning and Development Services Division of the Houston Public Works Department, the Ashby High Rise developers have agreed to delay any permitting relating to the project an additional two weeks to allow the city to further refine the High Density ordinance amendment to Ch. 45.

Therefore, we will not need to pack city council meetings this week, although we do hope that some of you will attend the meetings and sign up to speak as a show of our unwavering support for this ordinance (see schedule below). Mr. Icken expects that the finalized ordinance will be on the City Council agenda in two to three weeks. We will definitely want to pack City Hall when the ordinance is finally sent to Council.

We believe that the City had good reasons for delaying the ordinance and we are optimistic that a better ordinance will emerge from this process. This delay will also allow us to better understand and comment on the details of the ordinance and to allay other concerns that have been raised about the latest draft.

Over 200 of you packed Poe last Wednesday evening to hear an overview of the ordinance and our goals. In case you missed the meeting, a summary of the presentation is posted here.

We still need to keep the pressure on the Mayor and Council, so please write or email City Council members if you haven’t already done so. A sample letter along with Council email addresses are included below.

We will continue to keep you advised of the progress of the ordinance as it undergoes revision by the City.

Council Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be held in the City Council Chambers, City Hall 2nd floor, 901 Bagby. Please attend!

2/5 (Tues) 2 p.m. City Council Public Session: Please attend if your schedule will allow. We would like a good show of force at this meeting to affirm our commitment to a High Density ordinance to protect our neighborhood from projects like the Ashby High Rise. Please let us know if you are interested in speaking at this meeting or a future meeting by replying to this message. Speakers must sign up in advance by calling the city secretary by 1 p.m. of the day of the meeting at 713-247-1840.

2/19 (Tues) 2 p.m. City Council Public Session : (Save the date!) We expect that the ordinance may be considered by City Council during this week, but the schedule is not yet clear. We will keep you advised of the status of its progress.