Southampton and Boulevard Oaks neighbors gathered at Poe on September 30 for the 3rd time since our neighborhoods learned of plans for a 23-story tower at Bissonnet and Ashby. The standing room only crowd was comprised of well over 250 neighbors, all three major mayoral candidates. Stop Ashby Task Force co-chairmen Chris Amandes & Jim Reeder presented an update on the status of the proposed project and the upcoming activities of the Task Force. You can view a copy of their presentation here.  At the meeting, the Mayoral candidates were asked if they would reconsider the city’s decision to reject the higher-density, mixed-use tower on traffic grounds or issue a permit for the project as originally proposed. Annise Parker, Peter Brown and Gene Locke all stated that they would not reconsider the city’s decision.

The meeting was organized after the city approved a site work and foundation permit for a 23-story tower at Bissonnet and Ashby on August 21st.  However, the approved plans did not include most of the originally planned commercial space and some of the residential units. The developers insist they want to build according to the original plans, and  they haven’t picked up their permit.