Below is an email from Houston City Council Member Anne Clutterbuck upon learning last week of the permitting decision. She additionally sent the city press release and a “P.M. Peak Trip Generation Summary” comparing the originally submitted plans with the modified plans. Scroll to the bottom of the email to view the attachments.

Today, I was informed that after two years of exhaustive negotiations, permits for the revised plans for development of the property at 1717 Bissonnet, also know as the Ashby High-rise, will be issued by the City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering. I have attached for your review a copy of the public notice as well as a comparison paper that shows how the plans were changed to conform to the City’s requirement to reduce the traffic impact of the proposed project.

Over the past two years, the Buckhead Development Partners have submitted 11 sets of plans to the city for approval. The city used all authority at our disposal to urge revisions to the proposed project and to limit the traffic impact on our neighborhood streets. The revised plans reduce the number of residential units and remove the commercial retail space, the public day spa, and the executive offices portions of the project. These reductions reduced the original peak hour trips for the project by 33 percent. Changes were also made to the property exits and traffic will not be permitted to exit on Ashby.

The project, if it is developed, would be a high-rise. Neither our existing ordinances, nor those being contemplated by the city address height. In fact, it is questionable whether we have the legal authority to regulate or limit height without a city-wide referendum or a change in state law.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Anne Clutterbuck
Houston City Council Member, District C

View the news release from the city

View the traffic comparison table