Report of April 24, 2013 Meeting

Demolition of the Marilyn Manor Apartments where the Ashby Hi-Rise is intended to be built, is scheduled to start Monday, April 29th and expected to finish by the first week of June.

After much hard work by the City, our office is pleased to announce that a unique system has been coordinated specifically to respond to any complaints regarding the construction at 1717 Bissonnet/Ashby High-Rise (AHR). Below is the procedure by which a constituent should register his/her concern. Please pass this information along to your distribution lists so that the community will be informed:

1.  The constituent will contact the City’s 311 helpline either by:

2.  A unique tag has been created within the 311 system that denotes a problem regarding 1717 Bissonnet/AHR, and the constituent must indicate that their problem is related to this construction project.

3.  The 311 responder will create a Service Request and send it to the appropriate City department. The 311 responder will also post the request for service on the map available on the 311 website.

4.   The appropriate department seeks to resolve the complaint.

Until this point, the system in place has been the typical 311 response procedure. The additional steps taken, outlined below, are entirely unique to the 1717/AHR project to truly ensure that concern are dealt with by the appropriate parties, whether it be the City of Houston or the Hunt Building Company (the general contractor for the project who will oversee demolition, and will later be joined by another yet to be identified general contractor for the construction of the project), in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. Once a 1717/AHR-related complaint is entered into the 311 system, a report is generated immediately and sent to both the responsible City department and the Hunt Building Company. A representative in the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) has been specifically designated to the 1717 Bissonnet/AHR case, and this person will receive this report immediately as well. Furthermore, our office will receive a report of incidents on a daily basis.
  2. The service request is given a deadline for completion, and the dedicated DON caseworker will follow up with the responsible City department and/or the Hunt Building Company to ensure that the case has been resolved.
  3. As mentioned, our office will be receiving these reports on a daily basis. We will thus be able to track any patterns of complaints or if any additional steps will be required.

If you have any questions or require any further clarification, please feel free to contact the District C office (832) 393-3004 or via email at

For a complete list of 311 requests/incidents in the area, such information can be found via


Report of February 7, 2013 Meeting