Kevin Kirton and Matthew Morgan requested a meeting with representatives of the Stop Ashby High Rise Task Force to discuss alternatives to the construction of the 23-story commercial/residential building at 1717 Ashby that they originally proposed. The meeting was held on Tuesday, February 5 at Buckhead Investments’ office. At that meeting, the developers  said they would consider two alternatives to the 23-story project:

  1. Reducing the height of the structure to 19 stories by building fewer, bigger condominium units, but they reserved the right to build as many units as originally proposed if they could not sell enough of the larger units.
  2. If they received a cash payment of $2.65 million, they would build a 6 story building consisting of two floors or parking and four floors of apartments.

More information about their proposals is contained here, which also contains the reply and two counter-proposals from the Task Force.


  1. The Task Force is discussing with local print, TV and other media how Houston’s development rules may allow developers to hold neighborhoods hostage with proposals for inappropriate projects. Your letters to local op/ed outlets in support of the Mayor’s proposed high density ordinance are very helpful in changing this project and are constructive in the ongoing debate.
  2. Each member of Council has been provided with our response to make them aware of the developers’ demands. Your letters to Council Members about this situation are also very powerful.
  3. Your presence in Council Chambers when the High Density ordinance comes to a vote is crucial. Later in the week we will be sending a calendar of dates so that you can plan to attend.
  4. The Task Force is continuing to work with the City of Houston in refining the proposed ordinance. We believe the City’s efforts to enact a high density ordinance merit our support.

Thank you for your commitment for the good of our neighborhood.

Chris Amandes
Jim Reeder
Co-Chairs, Stop Ashby High Rise Task Force