Some have asked if there is any way to stop this project.  YES, WE CAN STOP IT…if there is a strong, visible showing of our continued opposition. There are currently more than 40 multi-unit residential development projects throughout Houston that are pending and which are competing for the same dollars. It does not appear that the Buckheads have secured funding for their project. We think that investor dollars should go to deserving projects that truly benefit our city, and not to one that divides a community and creates a traffic nightmare. Therefore, it is critical that we let any potential investors or lenders for this project know that the intensity of the community’s opposition has not wavered and that we still care deeply about this issue! To that end, please plan to attend the City Council Public Session at 2 p.m. next Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at City Hall, 2nd Floor Council Chambers.  Although over 40 neighbors attended the session last week, we need 50-100 more to help us fill the Council Chambers on October 11 and drive our message home to this new group of City Council Members and the Mayor.

Neighbors will be asked to stand while our speakers address City Council.  Several speakers have been assigned, so it is not necessary to speak before the council. However, please let us know if you’d like to speak.  We expect to be done between 3:00 – 3:30 p.m.  Please RSVP to ensure that we have a badge for you.  Carpooling is encouraged.  We would be happy to arrange a ride for you so please let us know if you need one. A caravan will be leaving at 1:15 p.m. from the neighborhood.  Please email for instructions.


ATTEND THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING on TUESDAY. (See above for more info.)

WRITE OR EMAIL CITY COUNCIL & THE MAYOR and let them know your feelings and that you want them to do everything in their power to prevent the construction of a monster tower at Ashby and Bissonnet. City Council contact information can be found at the end of this message.

Sample message
“I am opposed to the construction of a 23-story high rise at 1717 Bissonnet & Ashby as proposed by Buckhead Investments. My concerns relate to traffic, safety, and quality of life that would be impacted by the construction of this building. I urge you to use whatever legal powers are available to the City to scrutinize this permitting process.” 


Time to take it out of the garage and dust it off. Be sure your  name or address is written on the sign as an identifier in case it is stolen.  

If you need a new sign (or just a new stake), send an email with your name and address and our volunteers will bring one to you.
Please remember to locate your Stop Ashby yard signs on private property. It is against the law to place political and other signs between the sidewalk and the curb.  


If you already have one, please continue to display it on your vehicle. If you have put it away, put it back on your car.
If you need a new one, they will be available at PICNIC on Bissonnet early next week.


To volunteer please call (713)528-BOCA(2622) or send a message to We need volunteers to help with the following:

•    Deliver yard signs
•    Police yard signs on your block and replace them in an orderly fashion as needed.
•    Distribute flyers
•    Help with meetings and events
•    Help with fundraising
•    Make sure your neighbors know about this issue


It’s election season and you may have been solicited for contributions.  Before giving to a candidate, make sure you know where he or she stands on the Ashby project.